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Letter from the Editor

The Wallflower began as a small online website crafted for literary arts to touch on lifestyle and culture in its purest form. During the pandemic, when the public faced an unprecedented lockdown, “The Wallflower Collective” was born intended to become a safe space for young artists and writers to share their voices, stories, and opinions. Although the brand has seen some changes – where it is now a digital zine that’s focused on thorough reporting on engaging subjects by entry professionals and student writers – The Wallflower, at heart, remains to be the platform for the voices and thoughts of a new generation of writers, artists, and thinkers.

Since April 2020, we’ve received submissions from all over the United States and all over the world with works ranging from poetry, prose, photography, art, and essays in response to the pandemic. The Wallflower is claiming a new image to showcase the artworks produced by the many people who wanted to share their art,voice and vision with the world.

— Nicole 
      Editor-in-Chief & Founder