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by Mackenzie Rae Vanacore 

“Healing! I need healing!”

“I just got my ult!”

“Fuck awesomedude69,” Jude grumbled into his headpiece. “They have no idea how to play Symmetra.”

Calum chuckled on the other end of Jude’s headset. Jude tried to refrain from cursing when they were playing online together. He didn’t want him to get the wrong impression.

“They’re just trolling,” Calum mumbled. He was silent for a good five minutes, except for his button-mashing noises.

“We’re outnumbered!” Jude pressed the back button on his controller to shoot his player’s weapon. The other players on the screen sent a series of missiles in Jude’s direction.

“Cal, look out!”

“I’m near the point!” Calum’s voice came alive in Jude’s earpiece.

Jude moved his control stick to send his player in Calum’s direction. He could see the enemy Widowmaker guarding from across the battlefield.

“Hey, isn’t it kind of weird that...” Jude paused a moment to fire at the opposing team.

“We’ve been playing this game for almost three weeks and I don’t even know what you look like?”
“Do you always ask your online teammates to
send you pictures while you play Overwatch?”

“No,” Jude responded defensively. “Never mind.”

“I’m kidding, Jude.”

“But isn’t it weird?” Jude asked again. He didn’t remember hiding his Genji inside a vacant building. Where did the flag go?

“To some degree, yes. Do you want me to send you a picture?”

“Should I do the same?” Jude set his controller aside to wriggle his phone out of his pocket. He could hear Calum shuffling around in his room. Was he trying to get good lighting? Did that matter? Should it matter?

“Let’s send them at the same time,” Calum suggested.

“Okay,” Jude moved across his room to where the sun was spilling through the crack of his window.

“Ready?” Calum asked. His voice sounded so close, Jude almost forgot that they were still online.


Calum began a countdown. Jude frantically fixed his hair, removing his headset before he flashed his best smile into his phone camera.

“Sent,” Calum said when Jude put his headpiece back over his ear.